Brett Gallini

Executive Director

Timberly Wilson

Middle School Principal

Katherine Boyle

Director of GO NYC Fellows

Carolyn Kisling

Director of Special Education

Chandel Smith

Director of Operations

Downey Tang

Director of Data and Analytics

Claire Riccardi

Director of High School Development

Blake Obi

Dean of Humanities

Jessie Passaro

Dean of STEM

Pamela Rodriguez

Dean of Students, 6th Grade

Conor Lynch

Dean of Students, 7th Grade

Troy Wilson Jr.

Dean of Students, 8th Grade

Diane Marrone

Senior Operations Manager

Yesenia Reynoso

Operations Associate

Noris Peguero

Operations Associate

Karissa Sworski

GO Fellows Manager

Jonathan Richards

GO Fellows Compliance & Operations Officer

MaryKate Bradley

6th English Language Teacher

Conor Burke

6th Grade ELA/SS Special Education Teacher

William Mann

6th Grade Mathematics Teacher

Molly Joyce

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Mary Kate Hughes

Mary Kate Hughes

6th Grade Science Teacher

Maggie Cheng

6th Grade Math/Science Special Education Teacher

Cecily Robinson

7th Grade English Language Teacher

Alaina Moise

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Michael Moore

7th ELA/SS Special Education Teacher

Maria Hurley

Maria Hurley

7th Grade Mathematics Teacher

Alexis Arbutina

7th Grade Science Teacher

Eden Hadera

7th Math/ Science Special Education Teacher

Edward Aguilar

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Henry Johnstone

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Amrita Saini

8th ELA/SS Special Education Teacher

Shauna Brown-Shields

8th Grade Math Teacher

Nicole Martinez

8th Grade Science Teacher

Judithliana Serrano

Judithliana Serrano

8th Math/Science Special Education Teacher

Laura Piacentini

Laura Piacentini

Social Worker Intern

Katerina Asusta

Special Education Teacher

Jennifer Maldonado

Jennifer Maldonado

Social Work Intern

Lillian Adkins


Diana Villela

Spanish Teacher

Chris Mary Martinez

ELL/MLL Teacher

Clint Brown

Physical Education Teacher

Joseph Webb

Dance Teacher

Alex Weitz

Alex Weitz

Jazz Piano Teacher

Allison Latessa

Visual Arts/Media Arts Teacher

Jaimie Lee

Lead Social Worker

Yvonne Mbewe

Social Worker

Julia Parke

Social Worker Intern

Isabel Nappa

Social Work Intern

Shirley Fang

Shirley Fang

Social Work Intern

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