After School

Great Oaks – NYC’s Clubs:


Art Club
Art Club gives scholars the opportunity to express themselves! Scholars can unwind from a long day in a quiet, relaxing and judgment-free atmosphere using a variety of materials, including paint, crayons, pencils, and collage making!

Chess Club
The Chess Club is thrilled to welcome scholars to its 64-square battlefield! Chess club is for everyone with an interest in the game: whether they are a beginner just learning the rules or an experienced player.

Drama Club
The Drama Club is committed to bringing the joy and power of drama to students by cultivating their skills in acting, design, and creative writing through producing quality beginner and intermediate shows. Students will develop their social, public speaking, and teamwork skills.

Explore with Science Club
The Explore with Science Club is committed to allowing students to work together to perform fun and simple science projects. This club fosters the curiosity of students, it allows them to explore, ask questions, and be real life scientist.

Homework Center
Homework Help Center is an after school activity that is facilitated by fellows who supervise students while they complete homework assignments, and if needed, provide support to student who are struggling with class concepts.

The Speakeasy Club
The Speakeasy Club gives Great Oaks Scholars the opportunity to cultivate and nurture essential communication and self-advocacy skills through the art of oral expression. They will be coached on how to speak effectively while presenting poems, books, and short stories of their choice.

Relationship 101 Club
Relationship Club is a safe space for curious young scholars to both learn and share what it means to engage in a positive, healthy, friendship and personal relationship. This club aims for students to be forward thinkers about how they would like to be treated in any professional, friendly or personal relationship.

Yearbook Club
Yearbook Club is an inspiring club that helps capture the memorable moments that will take place throughout the course of the 2018- 2019 academic year. The club is responsible for the planning and creation of the yearbook on a deadline, and are expected to work as a team to make decisions about the book.

We also partner with organizations such as the the Young Artist Development Program and SWAN Kids to provide our students with amazing after-school programming.

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