After School

GO – NYC’s Clubs:


The purpose of this club is to foster an area where students are able to express themselves freely through art projects or individual art pieces. This club will allow students to express their feelings and ideas with no limitations. Art Club will act as a place where students are able to channel their creativity and imagination into creating art pieces. Art can boost self-confidence by having students feel good about what they are creating.

Students meet once a week to hone their Chess skills under the instruction of tutors and staff. Upon joining, students are given the choice to play for fun against other students, or to learn more in depth theory for more competitive chess play.

Gay-Straight Alliance
The Great Oaks GSA welcomes all students who are looking to make their communities a more accepting and safer place for everyone. We aim to promote education, human rights and human dignity of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning youth and their allies, the development of positive relationships, and raising awareness.

Grand Street Settlement
Great Oaks Charter School – New York City engages in partnerships with organizations such as Grand Street Settlement, which has provided youth, health and wellness, and community services to the Lower East Side of NYC since 1916. At Grand Street, GO – NYC students have the opportunity to pursue different interests in activities such as physical fitness, coding and cooking.

Homework Center
Great Oaks-New York City provides homework help to its students.

GO – NYC has both boys and girls soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams. Please visit our athletics page for more information.

Join an Amazing Team

We believe that high quality teachers and leaders are key to student success. We are committed to recruiting and developing talented educators.